Samagra Marriage Portal – How to Apply for Marriage Certificate

samagra marriage portal for the poor and needy, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has come with a facility called the Samagra Vivah Portal as a part of the samagra marriage portal. Through this portal, a resident of MP state can avail various facilities and services that can help them get their children married. This main aim of this portal is to help poor families, destitute and needy families as well as labor class people.

When there is a wedding in the family, there are so many expenses that have to be looked into. Not everybody can afford to pay for a wedding. In fact, in some cases, it becomes difficult to even do the basic things of making arrangements for a wedding Saree and purchasing gold.

With the help of the samagra portal, State government provides the payments to beneficiary account directly. This is the district level service. The applicant also receives an SMS to their registered mobile number, if he/she receive an amount from the government.

Samagra Marriage Portal

What is The Samagra Marriage Portal All About?

The design of samagra marriage portal is to provide financial assistance to families who are eligible. It has a variety of schemes and financial plans available. Through the portal, a person gets to know the exact information about the different schemes also register the beneficiaries. They can also know about conducted different wedding programs.

Benefits Of The Samagra Marriage Portal

Just like the various other portals on the samagra marriage portal website, the information mentioned here is transparent. A person does not have to go running around to obtain any details. Another good thing about this portal is that there are specific legibility criteria are set for every plan. Using their samagra family id the person gains access to the information

A person will know which plan is suitable for them and apply for it accordingly. They can also get to know the different beneficiary who is eligible. They will update with the recent list of newly register beneficiaries just with a click of the button.

The Importance of Registering On The Samagra Marriage Portal Section

In order to validate a marriage as per the Indian law, a marriage registration is a must. This helps to obtain the marriage certificate as well as make the necessary changes in the name. On the girl’s side, this is important they have to make the changes accordingly after the marriage of the girl.

You can also get to see the information pertaining to the bride or groom through the portal. This is possible only if they have a samagra ID. The Ward office, city council, Municipality, Municipal Corporation, Gram Panchayat or District Panchayat can do the necessary registration.

While removing a name or adding a name, the family would have to provide the necessary information along with the marriage certificate to go with it. For the girl’s side, they would also have to fill out the information like the Samagra ID of the girl, the father’s name and ID, Mother’s ID and name, her date of birth and marriage. Along with that, they would need to fill in the information on the boy’s side including his name, his father’s and mother’s name, wedding place etc.

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