How To Add A New Family Member In Samagra Family ID

A government of Madhya Pradesh has come up with a user-friendly website called the samagra portal. This website is meant for the residents of the state to access information with the help of their The 8 digit family a sssm id is a generic number given to the entire members of the family. The individual samagra id number consists of 9 digits.

Registering A New Member Online With The Samagra Portal MP Family ID

With the help of the samagra portal, an individual not only has the benefit of getting information; however, he or she can also use it to register a new member. The samagra id provided to the family of the individual is used in such situation. For a person to register the new member using the sssm id, they would need to follow a very simple procedure.

sssm id

First using the samagra family id they would need to log on to the portal. On the portal, they have to go to the box that states Nagriya Nikaye. Under that, they would need to choose the option number 4 which is to register a new or temporary family member with the help of their samagra family id

Downloading the New Family Form and Applying It Offline With the SSSM ID

In case they want to go to the office, then they can download the add member application form. For this, they would have to fill in details like

  • The district they belong to
  • The local body information
  • The Zone or Gram Panchayat
  • The ward or village
  • The date
  • The list type – here they have to choose new family members

All this information has the relevant drop-down boxes. They have to select the options based on their initial application. Once they have done it, they would need to type the code mentioned in the Captcha box.

Collecting the New Member Application Form From The Office

Another option is to go to the office and collect a new member application form. The process is similar to what they did earlier while registering the family information. In case they are adding a new woman’s name to their family after marriage, and then they would also need to provide the marriage certificate.

  • After that, using their samagra portal mp family id, they would have to fill in all the relevant information of the new family member.
  • Two photographs will also need to be submitted to the 8 digit family samagra id number as a reference.
  • Other documents such as the identity proof such as the voters’ ID, Adhaar card etc.

Note- Using the samagra id search family member, they can get to know the application status also the progress of the application.

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