Samagra Shiksha Portal & Scholarship Types in Madhya Pradesh

The samagra shiksha portal is a section that is dedicated purely to education. In order to help the underprivileged children to the right to education, the MP Government has come up with different educational related schemes and scholarship programs. If a child or a parent wants to find out any particular information, they can do so by logging on to the samagra shiksha portal mp.

Through the samagra scholarship portal, you can get different kinds of information, reports also other essential details. This is a section that helps a child to decide which school he or she would like to go for. The Management system of this child education tracking section makes it easy to generate any also all the necessary reports.

Under the main samagra portal, a person can click on the Shiksha submenu also land on this page. With the help of the student’s samagra id, you can easily get the list of schools district wise, the different scholarship schemes, application status also a lot more.

Considering the importance of the sssm id to avail the benefits from this portal, it is important that you should register your child’s information first. It also allows a child to fill in the application form for a particular school, know the status of the application, track the various awards and recognition of every school registered with the portal.

Different Sections and Information a Student Can Get Using The Samagra Shiksha Portal ID Number

To make it easy for a person to maneuver through this particular portal, there are various subheadings or sub-menus that come with a variety of options. Based on the information that is needed, the person can go to the relevant section and generate reports or access the information. The submenus you will find under the Shiksha portal includes.

  • Student subsection of the samagra Shiksha portal

Under this section, a student can get to know information on the different consolidated scholarship schemes also application status. They also have the benefit to check the different eligibility criteria’s so that they can apply for the relevant scholarship.

  • Analytical submenu under the Shiksha section of the samagra portal

In this section, all the necessary reports can be generated. This includes a brief plan wise report, a summary report of a particular scheme, a plan wise and district scholarly report and lastly a scholarly report based on each district.

  • School subheading of the samagra scholarship portal

The school submenu allows a child to access the school dashboard. Similarly, a person can also get to know the enrollment of school wise children.  If they are looking for the names of district wise children, then they can that information as well. In case somebody wants to know the package-wise children status, they can avail the details under the school tab.

  • Accessing the control report section with the sssm id

This is a section that is dedicated to helping people to know about scholarships and other such awards or acceptance. Through this section, you can gain short reports of the children who are entitled to receive scholarships. Similarly, you can also gain access to the nomination acceptance and application status as per the district. Along with that, a person can also get short reports on the wise class war nomination district wise.

  • Using the samagra id to access the Schemes submenu

The schemes submenu of the samagra shiksha portal mp allows you to get details about the different Consolidated Scholarship schemes. You can also have a look at the class- wise consolidated scholarship scheme information.

The Different Schemes Under The samagra Shiksha Portal

samagra shiksha portal

  • General poor class scholarship scheme (school education department)
  • Sudama Pre Matriculation Scheme (School Education Department)
  • Swami Vivekanand Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (School Education Department)
  • Sudama Discipleship Scheme (School Education Department)
  • Dead / disabled retired government. Scholarship scheme for children of employees (school education department)
  • Scholarship to Parenthood girls (School Education Department)
  • Eklavati daughter education development scholarship (school education department)
  • State Government Scheduled Caste Scholarship (Scheduled Caste Welfare Department)
  • State Scheduled Caste Scholarship (6-10) (Scheduled Castes Welfare Department)
  • Pre Metric SC (Scheduled Caste Welfare Department)
  • Post-Metric SC (Scheduled Caste Welfare Department)
  • Cleanliness and Risk-Complete Work Scholarship (Scheduled Caste Scholarship) (Scheduled Caste Welfare Department)
  • SC Girls’ Literacy Incentive Scheme (Scheduled Castes Welfare Department)
  • State Government Anu Tribe Scholarship (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • State Government Anu Tribal Scholarship (6-8) (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • State Government Est. Tribal Scholarship (9-10) (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • Pre Metric ST (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • Post-Metric ST (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • Post-Metric ST (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • Jana Kati Virgo Literacy Incentive Scheme (Tribal Welfare Department)
  • State scholarship free, stroller and semi-stricken tribe (Dissipated / Ghumkad / Semi-Ghumkad Jatiya Welfare Department)
  • Disclaimer of State Scholarship, Stroller and Semi Squirrel Tribe Class (6-10) (Dissolved / Routine / Semi-Ghumkad Jatiya Welfare Department)
  • Post-Matriculation, Nomadic and Semi Storm Squad tribe (Vimukkam / Ghumkad / Semi-Ghumkad Jatiya Welfare Department)
  • Vimukta, Stroller and Ardhuhumakkad Tribe Kanya Literacy Incentive Scheme (Dissolved / Routine / Semi-Ghumakad Jatiya Welfare Department)
  • State Government Backward Class Scholarship (Backward Class and Minority Welfare Department)
  • Post-Metric Backward Class Scholarship (Backward Class and Minority Welfare Department)
  • Scholarship Scheme – Education Incentive Scheme (Labor Department) for two children of M.P. Bhavan also Construction Workers
  • Prasan also other construction workers, meritorious students will be given cash prize scheme (labor department)
  • Scholarship Meghavi Award Scheme (Agriculture Department / Mandi Board) under Chief Minister Mandi Hammal also Tablani Sahay Yojana
  • Disabilities Scholarship Scheme (Social Justice Department).

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