How To Get Samagra ID & Family ID in Madhya Pradesh

For the residents of Madhya Pradesh, they can obtain a samagra id without any changes. This is an ID that allows the residents of the state to avail different kinds of Government based services and schemes. Similar to the Adhaar card, every resident of the state has to make sure that each and every member is registered for the Samagra scheme. There is a unique samagra family id given to every family and the individual members of that family.

Registration for Samagra ID Process As Per Location Wise

Considering that there are many Panchayat and small regions in Madhya Pradesh, the government of MP has come up with an easy way for residents to apply. Based on the zone or locality where they stay, there is the dedicated registrar for each zone.

In order to get the family information then register and to avail the samagra id, a person of the family can go to the nearest Samagra registrar office to submit his/her application. This also helps to ensure that the application information is verified properly.

Why is This Important Samagra ID

Each registrar has access to all the necessary information about the people living in a particular vicinity. The information provided is compared with the population register to ensure that it matches that of the Government records. This way, it helps to ensure that one family is not given a duplicate ID to a family member.

  • Considering the loopholes that people manage to find in the Government initiatives; the MP Government has taken a lot of strict measures. Submitted each and every document has verified by the registrar.
  • The strictness maintained with the application process also ensures that the government records are up to date. Apart from that, this also helps the Government to get the right information of the residents living within a particular zone. Update every small change after doing a proper verification.
  • Similarly, the Registrars also have the authority to make changes to the information within the family. This includes the death of one member, the birth of a new child in the family. The relevant changes make for girl marriage to keep the record straight.

Understanding the Samagra ID Allocation

As mentioned earlier, every family has their own 8 digit samagra family id number. However, for every individual member, there is a slight change since the ID number becomes 9 digits; this is including the 8 digit family ID number. For example, if the family ID number is 24681012 and there are four members, then their individual id becomes 246810121, 246810122, 246810123, and 246810124 and so on. The only change in the numbering is the last digit.

Earlier people should apply for the samagra family id through the main website. However, the authorities of the MPSSMSB, later on, informed the people that they had to go and register their family information through the Samagra Registrar.

Samagra id Application Process by Going to the Physical Location

If a family wants to apply for the samagra id, they approach Janpad Panchayat,  the Secretary of the Gram Panchayat. The relevant documentation that they would need to take along with them would include

  • Every member of the family would need to fill out a form individually. So that they can get their individual ID number along with the family ID.
  • Once the relevant documentation will submit, the family members’ will get an acknowledgment of their application from the concerned authorities.
  • Apart from filling the application form the BPL card, Voter ID, residential address proof, and ration card copies of every member attach and submitted along with the form.
  • Every person has two recent passport size photographs

Some other Factors to Keep in Mind While Filling the Form for the Samagra ID

  • The Samagra id allocation and application is purely the responsibilities of the registrar. This is why; they have to ensure that they look into every application carefully.
  • While filling the form, it is advisable to make sure that you find out all the necessary information so that there are no complications on your applications.

samagra id

  • If you have to submit any legally attested document, it is important to find out all the details. Sometimes, there be the authorized government agents and even places where you can go.
  • Obtain as much information you can when you go to get yourself the application form. It will be helpful for you to take out all the necessary information beforehand so that you can plan accordingly.
  • You may also have to provide the originals of the documents that you are attaching for verification purposes. In such cases, make sure that you do not give these documents to anybody in the office apart from the authorized personals.

Even during the submission process, it is always good to re-verify that you are submitting the form in the right place. Sometimes there may be two or more registrar offices close to your place, but not all of them will fall under the same zone.

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