How To Do Changes in Samagra Member ID

Samagra member ID or Samagra Family ID is the unique identification number for permanent residents of state Madhya Pradesh. This number will not change if once issued for certain person. This Samagra Member ID is provided by the State government of Madhya Pradesh

Now MP citizens can use the online services for Samagra ID. If you want to change or update any information related to Samagra ID then visit the official website of Samagra portal.

samagra member id

But users need to maintain their Samagra ID number and password to benefits of online services. After getting married, girl details will totally change i.e., her name and ID will change to her husband’s side.

In order to make changes to her (Girl) samagra ID number, her husband needs to provide their marriage certificate along with the application form to join her name to the family samagra member id

How to Update Details in Samagra Member ID through Online

  • If they plan to go online, then visit the official website link
  • Next, you have to log in with your Samagra family ID number
  • After successful login to portal then select the option like add a new member
  • Then enter all related information for her
  • Upload required documents like copy of the marriage certificate, her birth certificate etc

Offline Process:

  • Applicant need to visit the local City council, Municipality, Municipal Corporation Ward office or the Gram Panchayat District panchayat’s office
  • Then collect the application form from a concerned office
  • Fill the application form manually and submit that along with the required documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate etc
  • After successful submission, concerned person will check all the submitted information is correct or not
  • Your details will change based on your submitted information

View Samagra ID profile:

Candidates can easily search their family member ID through their Family ID, Member ID, mobile number, aadhar number, bank account number

Note: Registration of mobile number under Samagra ID is mandatory to access the online services. Without registration of mobile number, you cannot change the details through online. By using this mobile number one time password (OTP) verification is compulsory.

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